Celebrate Online Recovery
Mondays at 7pm

Join us for a Testimony and online Open Share time via Zoom using this link:


Celebrate Recovery
Mondays from 7-9PM at Oakwood

As we resume in-person CR meetings at Oakwood, we ask that you please respect the social distancing preferences of others.  Wearing a mask is optional.  Coffee and water will not be served at this time.

Celebrate Recovery serves in 30,000 churches around the world. It is based on Jesus’ 8 Beatitudes and the corresponding 12 Steps of Recovery.

  • Celebrate Recovery Weekly Meetings are at 7pm EVERY Monday
  • Step Studies meet on days & times based on the schedules of those who sign up

Everyone has a story... everyone has experienced, or is experiencing, some form of hurt, habit or hang-up.  It is hard (sometimes impossible) to recover from some of them.  

Watch the video below about the baggage we tend to carry around with us!

Common Questions

  • About 2000 years ago, Jesus taught the beatitudes which are the 8 principles of CR and correspond to the 12 Steps used in other recovery groups.
  • In 1990 CR began in one church – and is now in 29,000 churches around the world.
  • January 2016 was when Weekly Meetings and Step Study Meeting started at Oakwood Community Church. 

Monday’s 7:00pm meetings are open to anyone and have two parts:

    1.  Large Group Meeting:

  • Worship in song
  • Alternating weeks include: either a personal testimony or a lesson on one of the 12 Steps

    2.  Open Share Meeting:

  • Separated by gender
  • Confidential expressions of thoughts and feelings

Groups of 3 to 8 people of the same gender establish a convenient time to meet weekly and...

  • Focus on our own thoughts and feelings, while doing this study with others who are doing the same thing
  • Work through the biblically based 12 Steps and their corresponding 8 principles
  • Individually identify, leave behind & let go of past and present Hurts, Hang-ups and Habits (including regrets, disappointments, etc.); all things which negatively impact our relationships with others, with God and with ourselves
  • Daily grow in our relationship with God and dependence on Him for direction of our life

The only requirement is that you have a desire to change and grow.

Celebrate Recovery Director
Dave Phillips

If you have any questions, please contact Dave at 248-515-3900 or email cr@oakwoodcc.org or just show up at Oakwood Community Church any Monday a little before 7pm.