Childcare Ministry
Children's Ministries are available during the 11AM worship service.

Our dedicated Childcare volunteers care for the babies and toddlers, as well as teach the three and four-year-olds about God and Jesus. Oakwood’s Nursery and Toddler rooms are equipped with age appropriate toys, supplies and materials so that the children will feel loved and comfortable.

The Childcare Ministry allows the parents of these children to worship God without distraction, knowing their children are being cared for and taught in a loving and safe environment.  We have a secure check-in & check-out system to ensure the safety of our kids and families.

Parent Cue

Oakwood partners with Orange for a Bible-based curriculum that is fun and engaging for kids. Resources are provided to help parents continue the Sunday morning teaching at home. Orange says, "When the light of the church (yellow) combines with the heart of the home (red) you get a stronger, more vibrant impact in the life of a kid (orange)."

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Childcare Directors, Sharon Worden & Caye Moore

Email to get in touch with Caye & Sharon.

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