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Hello Great Family,

I hope your summer is going well and you are living blessed!  Julie and I returned yesterday from five days of serving at Camp Barakel.  God is good...all the time! We had an excellent time ministering to over 200 teens.  It wasn't just me doing all the speaking this time.  On Wednesday evening, Julie spoke to the girls while I spoke to the boys for the "Chapel in the Woods".  We both enjoy our opportunities to speak into the lives of teenagers!  We also had some visitors.  Pastor Ted & Jen came to get a tour of Camp Barakel and we had a blast showing them around.  Cole Moore also made an appearance for a day.  It was great seeing our fellow servants here at Oakwood up north at Camp Barakel.

I am now turning my attention toward this Sunday.  I plan, God willing, to start a new short series in the book of Jude (It is only one chapter long).  Take a moment and read this book of the Bible in order to prepare for tomorrow.  I will only be focusing on verses 1-3 in the morning. I pray this short series will equip and prepare you to stand firm in the faith and not be moved by false teachers.

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.  We will celebrate communion together as part of our worship service.  Come be blessed and be a blessing!

God Bless,
P.D. (Psalm 139)