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Hello Great Family,

Phase 3…Indoor…In Person…Live…Church Services beginning Sunday, August 2, 2020.  We have all wanted to hear those words for a long time!  However, we really need your cooperation to help us safely and effectively make this step into Phase 3 (indoor services).  We will be watching and monitoring our local situation closely and always choosing to proceed with great care for you and your family.

Here is what Oakwood will be doing:

  • Indoor Sunday Services at 9am and 11am (streamed live online at 9am).
  • Services will be one hour long.
  • Worship Center seating is set for 6’ distancing (households can sit together).
  • HVAC (ventilation) will be running constantly to keep fresh air moving.
  • Disinfecting protocol will be in place before, in between and after the services.
  • Volunteers will wear face coverings when not participating in the worship service.
  • We will not be offering children’s ministries during Phase 3 but anticipating it in Phase 4.
  • We will not be serving beverages from our café (water is available upon request).

Here is what we are asking you to do:

  • Attend a service only if you have no symptoms (fever, cough, sore throat, etc.) and have not had contact for 14 days with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19.
  • Reserve your seat(s) in advance (instructions coming soon).  Help us ensure that we have enough seats for everyone planning to attend.  This is VERY important!   (Click here for the Worship Service RSVP page)
  • Choose from several options how you will participate –
    • Watch live online at 9am. (Encouraged for those at high risk or vulnerable)
    • Attend the viewing room service at 9am or 11am at Oakwood with separate entrance, separate bathroom and face coverings required for everyone attending (seating limited to 10).
    • Attend in person at 9am or 11am (seating limited to 135).  Please wear a face covering while entering and exiting the facility.  Keeping it simple…if you are not seated in the Worship Center wear a face covering for others.  Our entrance and exit is a bottleneck where recommended distancing can difficult. 
    • Be patient and loving.  We know that attending will be different and feel a little strange at first.  We will make needed adjustments. With everyone’s cooperation, we’ll limit any frustration or disappointment.

Prayerfully consider your participation but by all means…PARTICIPATE!  There is an option for everyone and each of you matters in this great family.  We love you and need you.  We pray that God will use Oakwood to help move you to be more like Jesus.

God Bless,

P.D. (Psalm 139)