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Hello Great Family,

First, I want to thank those who helped me financially towards the cost of travelling to speak at the National Youth Ministries Conference in Pennsylvania.  Your help means a lot to me, and your support is very encouraging.

Second, I want you to know about some great opportunities coming soon:

  • Treehouse V.B.S. called, “Summer Vacation” July 20-22 6pm – 8pm
  • Men’s Ministry “Grill & Chill” July 30th at Jeff Basinger’s house 6pm
  • Worship In The Park Sunday, August 21 Centennial Park Oxford 6pm
  • Night Of Worship & Prayer August 25 Centerpoint Church 6:30pm
  • God Loves You Tour September 29 Crossroads Village 7pm
  • Movie Night (Coming Soon T.B.A.) “Family Camp the Movie”

Get these dates on your calendar and join us for some great opportunities for fellowship, outreach, and spiritual growth.

This Sunday we will be on our last session of our “Elephant In The Room” sermon series (Part 1 – It looks like there will be a Part 2 in the future).  The Big Idea is, “Man’s View Of Sexuality Is Broken And Twisted”.  God willing, I will deliver a Biblical message about Gender Dysphoria and Homosexuality.  Two very socially charged issues with many loud perspectives shouting for our attention.  Come hear what God has to say on these topics and learn how we can respond with “Truth” and “Grace”.

God Bless
P.D. (Psalm 139)