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Hello Great Family,

This Sunday the Oakwood family gift exchange happens!  Be sure your gifts are at Oakwood before the 9am service this Sunday.  The message in our series, "The Gift Exchange" will be about giving God your grief and receiving His joy.  I trust you will attend and hear this important message about an crucial topic that all of us face.

We are working hard to make our Christmas Eve services special and memorable.  We need you to make it part of your celebration and help send out the information (the power of social media) so that many will attend and participate with us.  The worship experience will include live performances from Ava Swiss at 2pm (recorded version at 4pm), scripture reading, singing, special video segments, and lighting candles while we sing, "Silent Night".  Of coarse the whole thing starts off with a humorous skit by your pastoral staff (pastor wives are involved this year too!).

Thanks for being faithful at Oakwood! Your participation and involvement are essential for our effectiveness.  May God be glorified this Christmas season through us.

God Bless,
P.D. (Psalm 139)