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Update from Pastor Don Jackson as of September 8, 2021:

I hope you have had a great summer and are anticipating a great fall!  I am excited to see our church moving forward and your participation in making Oakwood everything God wants it to be for our great family and in our awesome community.

The persistence of COVID and the Delta Variant across the country and in our communities continues to have our attention and concern, but things have changed since the beginning of the pandemic.  Vaccines are available and some people have gone through the illness and now have antibodies.

It is the leadership’s desire to continue moving forward safely while staying up to date on all available information for organizations that have large group gatherings. It is essential to understand that we are a church with the goal of loving God and loving others. We recognize there are many divergent opinions on how to achieve this goal. This is why it is imperative that we provide clear communication of our plans for this fall.

We are not planning to implement any changes to our current protocol but can implement any of our previous “Phase Plans” if and when the current situation changes.

As we move forward without any changes to our protocols, we ask that you follow these simple personal responsibility standards in your participation and attendance at Oakwood:

·         Attend only if you are feeling well and do not have any symptoms like fever, cough, etc.

·         Attend only if you have not had any direct contact with a person who has COVID.

·         Respect other people’s space and concern level.

·         Face coverings are not required but anyone who wants to wear a face covering is encouraged to do so.

·         We encourage our elderly and at-risk population to take the proper precautions when considering attending an in-person service.

We will continue to Livestream the service on Vimeo, Facebook, and our website, during the 10 AM service. We encourage your attendance at our in-person service but are happy to offer this service to those who cannot or should not attend.

God Bless, P.D. (Psalm 139) 

Attached you will find the "Phase 5" guidelines.