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Hello Great Family,

The weather does not appear to be cooperating with our plans for an outdoor Harvest Festival.  A decision will be made soon and you will be informed before Sunday so you can help us spread the word.

Apparently I have way too much going on in this mind.  I have noticed that I am making errors that I previously would not have made.  The Elders informed me on Tuesday that I made a huge omission on Sunday during the fireside chat in the second service.  My intention was to say the same thing during both fireside chats for consistency, but my brain must have fogged over after a long day of communicating. I apologize for my failure.

Here is what I forgot to mention during the second fireside chat... Now that we have an Assistant Pastor coming on staff, it is imperative that the giving matches the budget.  We are currently 25% behind in our budget.  The Elders recognize that these are challenging financial times and that could be affecting your ability to contribute.  However, we also fear that there could be some erroneous thinking that Oakwood does not need generous giving since we have paid off our loans and have only been paying salary to one pastor.  Regardless of the reason, I ask that the great family at Oakwood does its part to provide for the church's financial needs.  Please do not take this as getting "beat up" by the pastor.  I have nothing but love for you and your family and I'm proud of our church. But it is my job to inform you of our current situation and after this, I will simply trust God to help us move forward.

We are heading into some exciting times at Oakwood.  Our potential for effective ministry is increasing exponentially.  God has provided and I trust He will continue to provide through His wonderful and generous people.  Thanks for making Oakwood great!  

God Bless,
P.D. (Psalm 139)