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Hello Great Family,

Another Harvest Festival has come and gone.  We are thankful that God allowed us to have a dry yet chilly afternoon for the guests and servants.  Once again, the great family at Oakwood stepped up in big ways... Mount Candy was bountiful... Servants in many areas helping guests... 52 trunks for trunk or treat!  We were blessed with 295 visitors from the community!  Great job Oakwood!

Not only is Harvest Festival our event that brings in the largest number of visitors, it is also our event with the most people serving together for a common purpose.  Let's keep reaching more people with love and kindness!

Awards for winning trunks will be given this Sunday during the services.  Come enjoy the special wrap-up video.

Remember to "Fall" back this Saturday.  It is time to move your clocks back one hour.  Don't worry, if you forget to change your clocks we will just see you here earlier than usual!

Pastor Ted and Jen Jones have sold their house in Grand Rapids and are closing in on a home here.  Pray that they finish well in their current ministry and arrive here ready to become part of the great family of Oakwood.

God Bless,
P.D. (Psalm 139)