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Hello Great Family,

As I sit in my office this Friday preparing for Sunday services, the phone rings and I hear about a local woman currently in brain surgery.  The family has many financial needs.  Bills aren't being paid and who knows what plans have or have not been made for celebrating Christmas.  Immediately, I let the caller know that Oakwood can help because "Oakwood Cares"!  That's the name of our fund that helps people in the community.  What a blessing to be able to help people and show them that they have a local church who cares about people...people we may not even know yet.

I want to encourage you to give generously to our "Oakwood Cares" fund.  We only collect this offering once a year during the month of December.  This one offering becomes the "Oakwood Cares" fund for the next year.  You can donate by using the specific "Oakwood Cares" giving envelopes at each of the giving stations at church or click here to give online. Just be sure to choose "Oakwood Cares" from the drop down box under the "Fund" category.

This will be the last Sunday to purchase tickets to our New Year Celebration event.  Please stop by the "Oak" and get information and sign-up to attend.  Let's make this first annual event a good one!

Our "State of the Church" will be on Sunday, December 31st.  We plan to introduce our new members that morning.  If you are wanting to become members of Oakwood, please contact the church office at 248 628-6388 as soon as possible.  We want to include you!

Looking forward to being with the great family at Oakwood this Sunday!  We want you here!

God Bless,
P.D. (Psalm 139)