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Hello Great Family,

Here it is! Christmas is here! Are you ready? I'm not talking about all the wonderful festivities wrapped around celebrating with family and dear friends. I'm not talking about getting all the presents wrapped, food prepped, and cookies baked. I'm not talking about finishing that special Christmas puzzle or watching your favorite Christmas movie.  Are you ready? Really ready? Are you ready to acknowledge the greatest gift ever given to mankind?  Are leaving room between gatherings and events to pause and thank God for giving us His Son?

I want to encourage you to do two things: First, make time to slow down and read Luke 2:1-20. You might do this as a family every year but I'm encouraging you to stop and find a quiet space and read it silently to yourself. Let the words soak into your mind. Reflect on the miraculous occasion of God's love for you.  Second, take the opportunity to share this wonderful message of God's love to anyone in your circle of influence.  Invite people to attend our Christmas Eve service at Oakwood where they will hear the simple yet beautiful Gospel message.

Just two suggestions for you to make the most out of this Advent season.  Get it yourself and share it with others!  May this be your best Christmas ever!

Merry Christmas,
P.D. (Psalm 139)