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Hello Great Family,

Special Thanks to everyone on the new "Connections Team" for hosting a wonderful evening last Sunday for the Superbowl Party.  We had a large group over 100 people and they brought lots of great food.  Who cares who won the actual game...the food was yummy and the fellowship was sweet! Everyone who attended was the winner in my book.

This weekend is special at Oakwood Community Church.  Julie and I have the privilege of taking 45 people to Camp Barakel for our Oakwood Student Ministries Winter Retreat.  Please pray that we achieve our purpose statement...."to grow closer to Jesus and each other".  I am blessed to be leading our OSM and thrilled to have several adults from our great family also serving in this capacity.

You will be blessed to have Jeff Totten as a guest speaker at Oakwood this Sunday. Come hear about S.C.O.R.E. Ministries and how God is using Jeff as the chaplain for the Detroit Tigers.  The music worship will be a blessing (listen to the set before Sunday), the message will be on point, the fellowship will be sweet. I'm excited for you.  Come participate!

Don't forget...this will be the last Sunday for "Bottles for Babies" please bring your baby bottles back and turn them in this Sunday.  Good job church!

God Bless,
P.D. (Psalm 139)