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Hello Great Family,

Spring is coming!  Hopefully things like sleet, snow, and frost won't be our reality for a season. We thank God for all the seasons but we are ready for warmth and sunshine!

This Sunday we will hear from our D&D missionaries.  They are here for a limited time and we want them to share an update with the great family of Oakwood.  I have asked them to take 15 minutes at the close of both services this Sunday to let us know what has been happening and how we can pray for their immediate needs.  Due to the sensitivity of the region they serve, we will not be broadcasting this update on our live stream. Make it a priority to be here to hear directly from them this Sunday.  

We will be continuing our series in the book of Daniel.  This Sunday we will be covering Daniel 2:1-49.  It is a long passage but it is all one subject.  Consider reading the context before Sunday and prepare your heart for what God would have you hear.

Looking ahead... Oakwood is planning an S.O.S. (Serving Our Savior) event for Saturday, May 18th.  Mark your calendars now and expect details to come soon.

God Bless,
P.D. (Psalm 139)