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Hello Great Family,

I pray you and your family are healthy and able to join us this Sunday at church.  Honestly, I pray that we have seen the worst of the latest surge and that those affected are recovering and well enough to be in attendance this Sunday.  It has been pretty discouraging for a couple of weeks with low attendance and struggles to find enough servants to cover our ministry needs.  However, I feel hopeful and anticipate an incredible change in momentum starting this weekend.  Let's make a surge of our own...a surge back to a full force of believers meeting with the body of Christ to worship and be challenged by God's Word to live more like Jesus.

I have invited a special guest to sing with our worship team this Sunday. Kevin "Pipes" Wilson will be taking lead vocals (you might know him from Pastor Terry Nalian - Shrek's Hymn Project). I am also thrilled to show you the new guitar that was provided by donations from several people serving in our worship ministries.  Come ready to sing praises with everything you have got.  I promise... it's a "GOOD" worship set.

We will be looking at Paul's prayer for God's church found in Romans 15:5-7.  Paul says, I PRAY for complete unity...SO THAT the world will know.  Come participate in worship and learning! Invite someone to come with you.  I'm anticipating a great day!

God Bless,
P.D. (Psalm 139)