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Hello Great Family,

I’ve heard very good things about last Sunday.  I’m glad you enjoyed hearing our Elder, Jeff Moore preach.  He is a very good leader for our church family and I’m thrilled you got to sit under his teaching and appreciate his spiritual leadership.  All of our Elders are Godly men that can handle God’s Word and skillfully lead God’s people.  I’m privileged to serve alongside them. We are blessed to have them at Oakwood.

This Sunday, you will be encouraged to hear our Pastor Ben Elliott preach.  I’m thankful for his work with our young people and happy when you get to experience him on a Sunday morning. 

I’ll be back Sunday, February 27 to launch our new series in the book of Romans.  You should start reading through the book of Romans in preparation for this series.  I’ve been listening to it on my audio Bible in the car when travelling around.  Consider listening or reading through the book several times to familiarize yourself with the content.

Here’s a challenge for you to consider.  Are you serving in a ministry on Sunday mornings?  Our Hospitality Team does a wonderful job welcoming new people and helping people feel greeted and comfortable at our church.  This is something you could do to serve Jesus and effect people.  There is an hour-long information/training lunch meeting coming on Sunday, February 27 after the second service.  I encourage you to come check it out and see if you’re a fit for this opportunity.  Please click here to register for the event.

Hope you enjoy this Sunday at Oakwood!  May God give us another great day together.

God Bless
P.D. (Psalm 139)