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Hello Great Family,

Julie and I have returned from a wonderful vacation and look forward to being with you tomorrow.  Well…those of you who can be at church and haven’t left for Memorial Day weekend.  I hope that if you are in town, you will make it out to either the 9am or 11am service.  Our Elder Jim Bongiorno will be preaching.  Thanks, Jim, for freeing me up from having to prepare a message while on vacation.  Let’s support Jim by showing up and participating in the service.

Looking ahead…Next Sunday, June 5th is our Annual Celebration.  There will only be one service (the service will be indoors) at 10am.  Lunch will be outside following the service.  Tickets ($2 per person / no more than $10 for a family) can be purchased this Sunday at the church or call the church office next week and reserve your tickets.  Ticket sales will help us with a head count for the celebration meal.  Thanks in advance for helping us prepare for our special day!

One very important thing we want to communicate about Celebration Sunday…We plan to have an evacuation drill after the 10am service.  This drill will help our Safety team lead our other ministries through what happens if we have an emergency during our Sunday morning service.  We would appreciate your participation but understand that there are some people who would have a difficult time with sirens and a mass evacuation scenario due to the events that have happened in our community this past year.  We will give ample time for any individual who wishes not to participate to leave before the drill begins.  After everyone has safely left the building and parents have been reunited with their children, we will all head to lunch under the big tent.  We hope you will participate with the great family at Oakwood for our Annual Celebration!

We plan to have only one service at 10am (Children’s Ministries will meet during the 10am service) for the months of June, July and August.  This gives our ministry teams a short rest from the rigors of our two service Sundays.  We hope you can make this adjustment and join us this summer at 10am.  We will be starting our “Elephant In The Room” series starting Sunday, June 12th.  Don’t miss this important opportunity to hear current social issues preached with Truth & Grace.

God Bless,
P.D. (Psalm 139)