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Hello Great Family,

I trust our "Elephant In The Room" sermon series is at least causing you to think and have good conversations in your families.  If you need a boost for things to think about after last week's message on abortion, let me give you the most common questions I receive on this issue: "If you are pro-life why do you support the death penalty and killing people in wars?"  I know my answer for this question.  What is yours?  Do you have a Biblical foundation for answering tough questions like this?  If you want to go deeper, I suggest you click on and watch this video from the Gospel Coalition called, "Should the Pro-life Cause Encompass ‘Womb to Tomb’ or Focus on the Womb?"  The video is a debate between two positions done respectfully.

I was challenged after last week's message to go a little further into a "worldview" message.  The fact that cultural issues that go against God's Word have crept into the church and are increasingly being accepted as truth.  I am convicted that we must first establish that God alone defines "truth".  Man does not decide what truth is based on feelings or popular opinions.  The church must surrender our identity to Jesus and our obedience to God's Word no matter how we feel or other people's opinion.  Come this Sunday to hear a message called, "Worldview 101 - God's Word is Truth or Man Decides Truth".

God Bless,
P.D. (Psalm 139)