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Hello Great Family,

I'm reminded today our circumstances can change at any moment. I was texting with Scott Hasman today as the Hasman family begin their journey moving to Florida.  We never know how long we will have someone in our lives.  God can and does move people where He wants them.  We will miss them and we are praying God's best on this family!  Also, people... stop moving to Florida!  We have lost too many families to the sunshine state.  Perhaps it is time to open an "Oakwood South Campus".  I'm available to do some recognizance work if needed!!

The Franklin Graham "God Loves You '22" tour is coming and we need your involvement.  This Sunday we begin promoting the opportunities you will have surrounding this event.  Today, I want to start recruiting volunteers to serve.  Oakwood will be Serving Our Savior (S.O.S.) at the Franklin Graham's God Loves You Tour in Flint on Thursday, September 29th from 9:30am to 12:30pm to prepare and set up for the event. Tasks will include physical work like setting up tents. By Monday August 1st we need to secure the names of at least 20 people willing to serve in order for our Oakwood family to serve together. If you are able to serve on Thursday, September 29th at Crossroads Village from 9:30am to 12:30pm, please click this link to sign up. Come learn more this Sunday about the opportunities coming to be "Gospel Urgent".

I also want to place "Stand Ministries" before you today.  They will be appearing at the Grace Christian Music Festival this Saturday, July 30th.  Click on that link to get more information.  Attend, Pray, Encourage, Help however you can.  We love the Stand Ministry and support them 100%!!  They are selling T-Shirts to raise money and you can get yours by clicking here.  I bought mine yesterday!!  Time is limited... you need to buy your shirt by Wednesday, August 10th.  We are looking forward to the "Dr. T. A. Nalian Remembrance Walk & Fundraiser".  Join us on Saturday, September 17th from 11am to 3pm at Rochester Municipal Park located at 400 6th Street in Rochester.  Wear your shirt!!

This Sunday, we are back in the book of Romans.  We will be looking at Romans 3:19-26.  Please take a moment to read this passage in preparation for our study.  Looking forward to digging in once again with you.  See you this Sunday at 10am.

God Bless,
P.D. (Psalm 139)