Hello Great Family,

I'm back home after speaking at Camp Brakel for the past week.  I just went to the church to unload and found the parking lot looking fabulous!  Thank you Tom Tennent for patching, sealing and striping.  Great job!

The week at Camp Barakel was tremendous!  God worked in mighty ways and several teens received Jesus as Savior.  Two former members who moved up north drove over 30 minutes to come visit me... it was a sweet time of fellowship.  Heidi Allen (teen from Oakwood) came on Friday and shared her story from the tragedy at Oxford schools.  She told of God's faithfulness and made a huge impact on the students her age.  Our elephant from the "Elephant in the Room" series made an appearance all week (see photo).  It was there to represent the biggest, most important choice.  The decision to trust Jesus and be saved.  I gave the Gospel Tuesday morning and left the elephant on stage the rest of the week so students would see it and remember the most important thing.  On Thursday night, a young man received salvation and told me that seeing that elephant every day made him keep thinking about his need.  I also saw our very own Cole Moore in action as a team leader for the week.  He was amazing!!  You can be very proud of that young man...he is a gem!!  It was a great week!  Thank you for allowing me to serve in that capacity.

It is time to start spreading the word about "Worship In The Park"  Sunday, August 21 at Centennial Park in Oxford from 6pm to 8pm.  I hope you are planning to join us there and bring some people with you.  What a great "first touch" for people to see the church in an informal setting and experience the joy we have in Jesus and our love for one another.  When you see the social media post... SHARE!  Send it out to everyone you know!

I'm ready to see you tomorrow morning at 10am for church.  I'm ready and excited to preach from Romans 4:13-25.  I'll sleep some time soon...really, I need it very badly!  Until then I'll sing then preach then serve (Repeat)!

God Bless,
P.D. (Psalm 139)