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Hello Great Family,

We are one week away from the "God Loves You Tour 2022" outreach event.  Have you invited anyone to attend with you?  There is power in an invitation! 

What initially brought you to church?

  • 6-8% Walked in by own initiative
  • 2-3% Liked a program offered
  • 8-10% Liked the pastor
  • 3-4% Had a need met by the church.
  • 1-2% Were Evangelized
  • 3-4% Attracted by Sunday School
  • 70-85% Invited by a relative or friend!

The average is 83% came to church because of an INVITE by a friend or relative.

The Billy Graham Association issued a statistic that says, the average Christian can identify 7 unchurched people that they have a personal relationship with.  They conducted a national survey and 82% of the non-churched say they would come to church with a friend or relative if invited.  There is power in an invitation!

Speaking of an invitation… you are invited to participate with the great family at Oakwood this Sunday.  Come worship with us.  See the WALL shrink again this week.  Learn from the book of Nahum about our great God of justice and compassion.  Fellowship with God’s people. You are invited!!

God Bless,
P.D. (Psalm 139)