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Hello Great Family,

It is time to focus on a few essential items this Christmas.  No, not cookies or presents!  I’m talking about Oakwood Community Church things.  Things we need you to do in preparation and things to do in participation.


  • Invite everyone to our Christmas series, “The Gift Exchange”.  If you haven’t done so yet, please share an invite to our Sunday services (9am & 11am) & our Christmas Eve services (2pm & 4pm) on social media.  Graphic attached below.
  • Worship Songs for this Sunday - "It's Christmas" (Tomlin); "Christmas Day" (Tomlin / We The Kingdom); "The King Has Come" (Kristian Stanfill); "Noel" (Tomlin / Daigle); "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" (McLachlan)
  • Our church family gift exchange is has taken off very well.  The gift you are bringing needs to be at the church before the 9am service on Sunday, December 18th.  You can let the person know who you are or keep it a secret.  If you have questions, need help or ideas, contact the church office.


  • Be here on Sundays for the series, “The Gift Exchange”.  Bring someone with you!
  • The “Oakwood Cares Fund” giving will take place now through the end of the year online (Use the “Oakwood Cares” drop down box).  Our annual offering will be collected in person on Sunday, December 18th. The funds collected becomes the budget for our ministry to our community.  We have helped people in crisis and with urgent financial needs.  Last year we responded to the overwhelming need in Oxford after the school shooting.  Oakwood was able to help our community in many ways with the over $25,000.00 in financial giving from last year’s offering.
  • Attend the Christmas Eve service (2pm or 4pm).  Bring someone with you!
  • Watch our special Christmas Day service online with your family and friends.  This will be a clear Gospel presentation you will want to share with the ones you love.

Thank you for being such an important part of the great family at Oakwood Community Church. Let’s make this Christmas a very special Christmas with Gospel Urgency!

God Bless,
P.D. (Psalm 139)