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Hello Great Family,

Now that the snow has arrived and it looks like a normal January in Michigan, I would like to remind you of our church "closing" policy. 

During the week, Oakwood typically closes the building if Brandon / Oxford schools closes due to inclimate weather.  A notification would also typically come if we close the building.  Please check before coming to the church if you are not sure.

On the weekend (Saturday & Sunday), we will send a notification if the building is closed. Typically, we will not be closed on Sunday due to weather.  We ask that people be careful and only attend if they can do so safely. We always prefer to see you in person but realize there are times and situations that require caution.  If you can't attend due to weather, please watch the service online and stay connected with us safely.

Another winter concern is your safety in our parking lot.  We have one of our own people who attends Oakwood contracted for plowing and salting.  He is very invested and does a great job for us!  However, our parking lot has low areas that collect water that freezes and gets covered in snow making it very slipery.  We can provide an escort or even park your car for you if that would help. If you need assistance, please let us know. 

Finally, if you or someone you know from Oakwood needs assistance clearing a driveway or sidewalk at their home, please contact the church office (248) 628-6388.  We want to help those who are unable and don't have the resources to do this safely.

God willing, we will see you safely here at Oakwood this Sunday.  Read Romans 9:1-5 in preparation for the message. 

God Bless,
P.D. (Psalm 139)