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Hello Great Family,

Please take a moment to watch a special message from Pastor Shane to hear how we are making improvements to our technology systems.

What a week!!

  • Easter was not was as good as it could be considering our "social distancing". Special thanks to everyone involved in the service to make it full of familiar faces.
  • We had over 15 volunteers help Oxford Schools with their meals for kids program on Monday and Wednesday. (Volunteers are needed every Monday and Wednesday from now until June - Contact me if you are willing to serve)
  • More than one person in the Oakwood family let me know that they are giving from their stimulus check to the Oakwoood Cares fund to make sure that people have the food and supplies they need during these trying times.
  • I was notified at 11:30am Wednesday that Oakwood was being given dozens of meals to distribute immediately. The food was at the church around noon and by 3:30pm all of it had been picked up to be delivered to families who could use the extra help. Way to go family! Mobilization of volunteers in that short of time was extraordinary!
  • All of the food we collected at Pastor Bob's Drive of Honor has been sorted, bagged and delivered to people within our church and to friends of people in our church.
  • Individuals from Oakwood took it upon themselves to make care baskets for over 13 people in our family that could use an extra blessing. All the baskets were delivered with love on Saturday.

Thank you for stepping up and serving others during this pandemic. When we serve others...we are serving Jesus! When we serve others...we gain joy over sadness. When we serve others...we forget about fear and start living by faith! Let's keep serving others!

Looking forward to starting our new message series in the book of 1 John called, "How Can I Be SURE?". Please look through the resources attached for materials related to week 1. Tune in to at 10am Sunday to join your Oakwood family in worship.

God Bless,

P.D. (Psalm 139)