Hello Great Family,

Please take a moment to watch the VIDEO BELOW FROM PASTOR SHANE. He has worked hard on launching our new Oakwood Community Church website. See what he has unveiling this weekend and learn what resources are available on our site. I encourage you to send him a note of thanks and gratitude for all he has been doing during this “stay home / stay safe” reality.

Today I want to remind you to simply pray. We have such a great opportunity to approach the Throne in Jesus’ name! When we don’t know what to do…We Should Pray! Before we go and do…We Should Pray! After we are done doing…We Should Pray! Let’s genuinely be a church that is “dependent upon God in prayer” (Third line in our purpose statement).

Let’s Pray:

  • We should pray for those individuals and families who either are or will be affected by this virus and for their healing.
  • We should pray for the doctors and medical professionals who are on the front lines caring for those who contract coronavirus.
  • We should pray for medical researchers who are diligently working to create a vaccine for this virus.
  • We should pray for our leaders in office, including the president, vice president, governors, and local officials as they guide us through this moment.
  • We should pray for the church to respond with thoughtfulness, wisdom, and love.
  • We should pray for the continued advance of the gospel even as this trying moment continues to unfold.

Looking forward to connecting for worship online at 10am Sunday morning! I want to encourage you to get online 5 minutes early tomorrow. Don’t wait till the last minute to connect or you could potentially miss out on something essential. Please check out the resources attached. Print out what is beneficial.

God Bless,

P.D. (Psalm 139)