Membership at Oakwood

Becoming a member at Oakwood is about making a commitment to follow Christ together with our local community of believers. We exist to help people know Christ and grow in their faith! Membership isn't about being exclusive of having certain rights or privileges; it's joining together with other believers to worship, grow in our faith and reach our community for Christ.

If you consider Oakwood to be your home church, we encourage you to demonstrate your commitment to the Lord and to His church by taking the step of membership. If you are ready to take that step or if you have any questions, please contact the church to set up a meeting with a pastor.

To become a member at Oakwood Community Church you must:

  1. Attend a Discover Oakwood Lunch.
  2. Be a follower of Jesus and make a public confession of faith in Jesus Christ as your Savior.
  3. Have been baptized by immersion (either at Oakwood or another church) after placing your faith in Jesus Christ (Believer's Baptism). Learn more about baptism at Oakwood.
  4. Be in agreement with Oakwood's Statement of Belief.
  5. Meet with an Elder or Pastor
I Want to Join the Oakwood Family